2022 Online Events

Below are all our 2022 online storytelling events. Click on any show to play.

HOLIDAY MYTHS AND MAGIC - Capture the magic of the season with this fabulous show. Four stellar tellers spun true personal and traditional tales to capture the holiday spirit. With Megan Wells, Noa Baum, Cooper Enos-Braun and Marlyn McPhie.
STAND UP STORYTELLING - What a truly hilarious show! Hear Ed Stivender rap about religion, Kim Weitkamp explains why her undercarriage was locked, Carol Moore’s dating advice includes a cautionary tale about competitiveness and Regina Stoops told about Duct Tape Escape and other misadventures in suburbia.
BRAIDED STORIES II - True, personal stories braided together with a traditional tale. Back by popular demand. Storytellers: Margaret Burk, Megan Wells, Muriel Johnson, Chetter Galloway
KEEP CALM, IT'S OUR 2ND ANNIVERSARY! Join us for stories about anniversaries, birthdays, and all other dates that we commemorate with celebrations. Find out what our four acclaimed storytellers are keeping track of with a show about all the special dates we circle on the calendar. With Donna Washington, Kim Weitkamp, Alton Chung and Andy Offutt Irwin.
TALL TALES A fabulous evening of whoppers, lies, and fibs. Your leg might get pulled with stories that are a bit far-fetched. With Storytellers: Nick Baskerville, Anne Rutherford, George McEwan, Brandon Spars and Allen DeBey.
A NEW SPIN ON AN OLD STORY. Tradtitional Tales with a Twist. An original show with exciting new stories based on traditional tales. With storytellers: Tim Ereneta, Joel Ying, Lyn Ford, and Motoko
STELLARSLAM: SILVER LININGS. Join us as we gather our 2021 StorySlam winners for the ultimate battle to decide who wins the title of Stellar StorySlam Champion. With Kory May, Alyssa Hammond, Ray Engan, Shwetta Bhatti, Melissa Reaves, Richard Munchkin, Silvana Clark, Wild Card: Allen Debey. Guest: Vijay Mehrota
MOMENTS OF GRACE. Stories of unexpected moments when magic suddenly happens. A serendipitous point in time when it feels as if all things are possible, a nudge from the universe that lifts the heart and soul. Those “aha” moments that come from nowhere and are never forgotten. Storytellers: Carol Moore, Antonio Sacre, Geraldine Buckely and Jennifer Munro
OPEN MIC NIGHT. A completely Open Mic night where tellers tell 5 minute stories on the theme of TRIUMPH. Enjoy a mix of traditional stories, fairytales, and true, personal stories. With Tim Ereneta, Jessica Robinson, Ray Engan, Neshama Franklin, Jane Dorfman, Barbara Peterson, Judi Tarowsky, Alyssa Hammond and Vijay Mehrotra.