2020 Online Events

Below are all our 2020 online storytelling events. Click on any show to play.

CELEBRATE! The End of the Year is Nearly Here!Join us for an evening of celebratory stories as we (finally!) close in on the end of 2020. No live shows, no vacations, no toilet paper, it has been a year filled with adapting to a new reality. Join us and seven of our favorite Six Feet Apart show veterans to say goodbye to 2020!
STORYSLAM: RESCUE. True personal stories about being rescued, throwing out a lifeline or grabbing hold of a helping hand. Being let off the hook or pulled back from the brink. Extricated from a sticky situation or saved from a perilous fate. Stories of saving and being saved, of coming through in the nick of time, literal or figurative, rescues of all sorts.
FAMILY FICTION. Andy Offutt Irwin and Paul Strickland both have families with peculiar jobs… but their family members also have strange preoccupations… and also, occasionally, a family member or two will “occupy” their lives in hilarious and unexpected ways. Tall tales, music and fun.
FRIDAY FRIGHT NIGHT. A rookie witch, a remorseful ghost, a damsel in danger of losing her head and the Ice Witch all make an appearance. Join award winning storytellers as they make these tales come to life. With Simon Brooks, Heather Forest, Donna Washington and Rachel Ann Harding.
STORIES IN LIVING COLOR. Storytellers of different races, or from communities that face discrimination have teamed up and crafted individual, but "paired" stories; stories that intersect and illustrate aspects of race, racism, and discrimination. Co-produced with the Storytelling Association of California. Emceed by Kirk Waller, with Holly Robison and Linda Brown, Ben Tucker and Terry Stokes.
STORYSLAM. The theme is blame, but don't blame us if you miss the show! Stories about extreme flatulence, unexpected consequences, Christmas finger pointing, opportunities lost and unsolved mysteries. Who won? Find out! With Corey Rosen, Jessica Robinson, Steph Rogers, Lynne Jordan and Jamie Brickhouse.
AUTHORS TELL STORIES. This show features six authors telling stories about or inspired from recently published books. Given the pandemic, in a world where all the bookstores are closed, this is an opportunity to hear great stories, learn about excellent books and to support these authors. With Stacey Gustafson, Shelley Blanton-Stroud, Christi Clancy, Regina Louise and Reyna Grande.
STORYSLAM: TRUE GRIT. Stories about triumph, perseverance, hanging on, pushing through. Being overwhelmed or overcoming, when things get tough, the tough tell stories. With storytellers: Archy Jamjun, JP Frary, Clara Kamunde, Chris Williams and Dawn J. Fraser. Featured teller: Calvin S. Cato
PAIRED STORIES. We are have 3 pairs of storytellers, each pair (one traditional, one personal) telling a story on the same theme. The 3 themes are: Tricksters, Common Sense and Creativity. Co-produced with the Storytelling Association of California (SAC). With Terry Stokes and Ann Riley, Sara Armstrong and Jean Ellisen, Neshama Franklin and Ed Lewis.
STORIES IN BLACK AND WHITE. Two storytellers, one black and one white, wrote thoughtful essays on growing up in the South, which they workshopped together to come to a better understanding of some systemic racism from their childhood. Emceed by Sheila Arnold with a thoughtful QandA afterwards. With Kate Farrell and Sheryl J Bize-Boutte.
BLACK STORIES MATTER. Internationally known and respected storytellers telling stories from the heart on this topical subject. Emceed by TK Moyer with Diane Ferlatte. Kirk Waller, Sheila Arnold, Wayne Harris.
LOUD AND PROUD. Hear stories about winning the break up battle via Craig’s List, a journey to Africa, waiting for Whitney Houston, being married or maybe not and awkward questions from confused relatives. With Calvin S Cato, Kim L Hunt, Arch Jamjun, Chey Bell and Regina Stoops.
FATHER'S DAY. Stories to celebrate having a father or being a father. With Dawn J Fraser, Mark Pagan, Srilatha Rajamani and Robin Gelfenbien.
NATIONAL CHILDREN'S DAY. To celebrate, stories about bringing out the inner child, about being a child, having a child, acting like a child, tantrums and tattletales and all things childish. With storytellers: Ron Jones, Sean Wellington, Jeff Baltes, Rick Roberts, Deanna Dawson and David Rodriguez.
A damsel in distress, a sugar obsessed boy, a bad choice in husbands and other trickery in this show of traditional stories. Tim Ereneta, Cassie Cushing, Kirk Waller.
STORYSLAM: INTERNATIONAL INTERNET DAY. Stories about the internet - going viral on YouTube, going back to the very early days of the computer, reading not-so-secret diaries online, living in Spain and how commuting with a friend created an online comic strip. Storytellers: Steven Friedman, Kate Farrell, Annette Mullaney, Vijay Mehrotra and Jon Lehre.
Being a mom, having a mom, mothering someone you love (or don’t) all on our Mother’s Day Special. JP Frary, Mindy Uhrlaub, Leslie Lagerstrom, Siamack Salari, Amanda ReCupido
MARGOT LEITMAN SPECIAL. Mary Carouba hosts a show with Margot Leitman telling stories and answering questions on storytelling.
Stories of adolescence hijinks and international true love with two award winning storytellers: Bil Lepp and guest, Brandon Spars.
GREAT ESCAPES. Great Escapes from talented storytellers. Emcee: Mary Carouba and stories from Julie Soller, Neshama Franklin, Hari Sanghvi, Gary Hughes and Regina Stoops.
UNINTENDED GENIUS. True, personal stories. Emceed by Julie Soller with wonderful stories from Corey Rosen, Cindy Bailey Giauque, Gina Gold, Rick Roberts and Thea Daniels
SURVIVAL. Our very first show - Sunday Night Stories. With emcee Corey Rosen and storytellers: JP Frary, Regina Stoops, Mary Carouba and Claire Hennessy